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BofusTeefus's gameplay for The Orange Box [Half-Life 2] (X360)

BofusTeefus earned achievements in The Orange Box [Half-Life 2]

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BofusTeefus said...
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TF2- We started up a game with eight of us on one team, and one guy on the other team. We all chose the heavy, and rushed to the other intel room. The other team...ok the other guy made it to our intel unharmed, and made it back to his intel room, only to run into 8 heavies, each using melee. It was quite the sight. In our defense, we didn't capture any intel until more people joined the other team.
The Orange Box [Half-Life 2]

The Orange Box [Half-Life 2] (X360)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Multi-Genre Compilation
Release Date: 09/OCT/07
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