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BofusTeefus's gameplay for Dead Island (X360)

BofusTeefus earned achievements in Dead Island

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BofusTeefus said...
This game just gets more and more disappointing. Sad too, since I waited about two years for its release, and the first act was actually quite well done. By Act III, zombies can strike through non-functioning doors (which almost brought the story to a halt), and I started sinking into the ground at inopportune times. I don't want to hate the game, but ....there's just no excuse for this.
Dead Island

Dead Island (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 06/SEP/11
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Aw, man, that's not good to hear. I was thinking of picking this up too. Bummer. Are you getting Battlefield 3 when it comes out (I've seen you on BC2 a bit)?
Not sure what my game budget is yet, so not sure about BF3. Yeah dude! Saw you drop in a couple days ago! Sorry bout the no-mic action. Tried talking once I noticed you were in. I wanna get some squad play in soon.
Sure its not just buggy? I've heard good things from some people and bad from others : /
That's upsetting, I had high hopes for the game.. yet to play it though.
Yeah, sorry I hadn't hooked my mic up yet but I need to just leave it on when I play BC2.

It's amazing how much better the game plays when people are mic'd up in a squad. I always assumed you had to be super coordinated and strategic as a group but the other night I dropped into a random squad of 4 where everyone seemed green (including myself) and we were all just constantly saying where we died, who killed us, and where the enemies were or where we were going. Sounds organized but it really wasn't. The chatter just sounded like the biggest clusterfuck imaginable and yet... we won repeatedly against people with pretty high ranks. It was pretty satisfying. =D
Frohike- got a couple other people on my frands list that play. If we're all on, we can get a pretty good crew together!

Mishy and play- The bugginess is what kills it. I'll not likely buy anything from either developer again. It's really poor. The storytelling is disjointed and ....not overly linear. If you remember a game called Deadly Premonition which was released for $20 and seemed like it was put together to test the market rather than to actually sell, it was of better quality than Dead Island. That said, whacking flocks of zombies with whatever I can find is quite fun. I just wish I'd waited until it hit $30 or less.

*paintballs Mishy and runs*
@BofusTeefus SUNVA

*loads paintball gun and chases after Bofus*

Anyway that sucks, maybe I'll pick it up years later when its gone from 100 to like 50 xD
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